The New York Times: Buried Memories

African American burial grounds across the United States have been erased or forgotten, and others are at risk of disappearing. They have been covered by pools, playgrounds, parking lots and performance halls. Community organizations in Charleston, S.C., and beyond are working to change that. In the process, they are also searching for descendants of those buried.

Times Insider: "A Photographer in Search of Forgotten Burial Sites"

"This isn't something you become part of every day. It's pretty much history. To be a part of history, or at least to represent a part of history."

Desmond Howard, hand model for Anson Street African Burial Ground Project memorial

Reporting by Caroline Gutman and Emily Cochrane
Photo editing by Jennifer Mosbrucker

Learn more about the Anson Street African Burial Ground Project
Initial research supported by a U.S. Department of State Alumni TIES Grant in collaboration with Susannah Remillard

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